Mehreen Sheikh - Cookbook Author

Author Bio

 Mehreen Sheikh is the author of the Pakistani Palate and the founder of Deliciously Desi.
 Born in Pakistan and to Pakistani parents, I enjoyed many aspects of the culture, traditions, and of course, the cuisine! I grew up in Saudi Arabia, which was close enough to Pakistan to be able to spend many summer holidays visiting grandparents and extended family. 

While in the U.K. for higher education, I realized the value and joy of home cooked food. It was also here that I discovered my passion, to learn and recreate the foods I had enjoyed in my childhood. As I explored my interest, I realized all the basics I needed to learn from spices and ingredients to everything in between.

Like many people, I continued to build on my cooking skills after marriage. As I had relocated to Saudi Arabia, I got many opportunities to entertain friends.  I loved hosting dinner parties, and explored my creative energies as well as experimented with flower and table arrangements.

As I continued to learn and practice over many years, I noticed a huge market gap in the Western/ International world for Pakistani cookbooks. If I had had the right cookbook when I was a novice, it would have provided everything that I had labored to learn in my first ten years!

I realized that everyone isn’t a master chef. What if you don’t have cooking experience but still want to make delicious Pakistani food? Using this as the premise, the recipes are explained in step by step instructions along with ingredient information throughout the book. From there, I set forth to share my kitchen, my experiences and my life with all those around me. That skill set and those recipes have now made their way into this cookbook series. I hope to be able to make your cooking hassle free and in the process, a whole lot more delicious!

Vision, Values and Giving Back

 It is my dream to keep Pakistani cooking alive, make it globally available and accessible especially for our youth who are living outside of Pakistan. Food has the ability to take us to a different land, enjoy exotic flavors, and experience culture and history that should be preserved for our future generations.

“The act of feeding someone is the ultimate act of care and affection...sharing yourself with someone else through food. " Sylvain Reynard

Through my cookbook, I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my kitchen, my recipes, and experiences with all my readers. I would also like to remember, care and show affection for those who struggle to find a meal.

 For this purpose, I am pleased to have partnered with Daily Bread Toronto. Together, for every cookbook sold we will provide a meal to a child.

Huffington Post Interview

I’m honored and grateful to be interviewed by Mansour Ahsan, a contributor for the Huffington Post. Mr. Ahsan has written extensive book and movie reviews for Huffington Post and his work has a large fan base.

 Watch this space to see the interview!