Meet Mehreen Sheikh

Mehreen Sheikh | Author of The Pakistani Palate cookbook series

  Mehreen Sheikh is a passionate foodie and creative home cook. She brings years of tried and true experience to her modern cookbook series, The Pakistani Palate, which will appeal to the Western reader. Mehreen helps you bring confidence to your kitchen and joy to your table.                                                                                                                        

This cookbook series was inspired by the constant requests Mehreen would receive for her flavourful recipes. Having lived in the Middle East, the United Kingdom and North America, she has continually refined her repertoire. These user-friendly, easy- to make recipes will see you through any course, occasion or event with impressive results.
With her fair share of delights and disasters in the kitchen, Mehreen has learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t in preparing authentic Pakistani dishes. She lives in Oakville, Canada, with her lovely family, who despite having embraced her exhaustive experimentation and testing, still look in the fridge and exclaim, “There’s nothing to eat!”

Deliciously Desi's visions & values

It is my dream to keep Pakistani cooking alive, make it globally available and accessible especially for our youth who are living outside of Pakistan. Food has the ability to take us to a different land, enjoy exotic flavors, and experience culture and history that should be preserved for our future generations.

“The act of feeding someone is the ultimate act of care and affection...sharing yourself with someone else through food. " Sylvain Reynard

Through my cookbook, I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my kitchen, my recipes, and experiences with all my readers. I would also like to remember, care and show affection for those who struggle to find a meal. 

For this purpose, I am pleased to have partnered with Daily Bread Toronto. Every cookbook sold will provide a meal to a  person in need.