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The Pakistani Palate- Volume 1- Salads, Starters, Snacks and Sides

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Volume 1

Mehreen Sheikh brings to you, The Pakistani Palate. A modern cookbook series and a comprehensive collection, dedicated to the distinctive Pakistani cuisine.  It presents, traditional home-cooked favorites together with modern influences to appeal to the Western reader.

Volume 1 features flavorful Salads, Starters, and Snacks. It includes a delectable selection of traditional favorites such as Pakoras, Dahi Phulki, Aloo Chana Chaat, Samosas and more, to modern variations such as Chicken Bites, Chicken Turnovers, Aloo Chicken Cutlets and much more. Traditional sides such as Raitas, Kachumer, and Chutneys are presented, alongside modern favorites such as Mashed Potatoes for today’s multicultural audience. Salads, as we know them in the West are not a part of traditional Pakistani cuisine. However, they have integrated into the Pakistani Palate and are a part of today’s menus. A pictorial spice guide, ingredient information, and detailed step-by-step instructions are provided to guide the novice cook to create these tried and tested recipes.

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