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De-mystifying Pakistani cooking! Yes, it’s possible!

Are you a new cook? A university student starting to live on your own, craving mom’s home cooking? Or have you had enough pizza, and now want to cook fresh food at home? Are you looking for wholesome ingredients and maybe the taste of foods that you grew up with? If you are any of the above, or perhaps newlyweds venturing into starting a home and family together, YOU are in the right place!

No assumptions made here, no experience necessary. I start at the very beginning and guide you through each recipe with detailed instructions. I take you step by step familiarizing you with ingredients, terminology, techniques, and shortcuts. I want to remove your intimidation from the kitchen. I make it possible for you to start cooking simple snacks and meals, according to your skill level and the time available to you. I meet you where you are at and help you grow in confidence, experience, and skill.

I take the mystery out of cooking authentic Pakistani food by deciphering the ingredients. I show you what the ingredients look like and how to use them. If you can’t tell your turmeric from your tomatoes, or your cumin from your cucumber, fear not! All mysteries will be unraveled!

I will show you how simple it can be to start putting together a snack, a meal and eventually a dinner party even if you have never cooked before. I’ll give you menu plans and step-by-step entertaining tips to host your friends, your boss or even the in-laws!

My upcoming blogs (and books) will walk my readers through everything that you’ll need to know. I’ll cover topics like, how to set up a kitchen for newlyweds. Yes! The kitchen does need to be set up J Now is the time you need to know your spatula from your saucepan :) I will talk about what are essential and necessary items, as well as ones that can be added later over time.

I will go over spice lists to get your spice cupboard started, giving you a pictorial spice guide to show you what the spices look like. Followed by tips and tricks on how to stock your pantry, ingredients you can prepare at home and have ready to use as well as ingredients that can be bought ready made to save time.

Initially, I was self-taught and later continued my journey learning with family, friends, and through classes among other resources. Over my twenty years of experience in home cooking and entertaining I’ve refined and molded the recipes to my own style, focusing on the shortest and easiest way to make the recipe while maintaining the most flavorsome result. I believe that being a home cook, I can teach and relate to new cooks in ways that professional chefs may not be able to.

Over the years, friends would ask for recipes, along with table décor tips and entertaining ideas. This developed into my wanting to share my passion, experience, and knowledge on a larger scale and to a larger audience. My purpose and intent are to simplify for my readers and students the lessons learned from all my trials and tribulations.

So join me, as I’ll be taking you one step closer, to de-mystifying your cooking adventure into Pakistani cooking. To welcome you onboard our culinary journey together, there is a special FREE gift “The Spice Cheat Sheet”. This pdf is yours when you sign up to be a part of our community. So hurry, don’t miss your chance to have this amazing information at your fingertips!


Bringing confidence to your kitchen, and joy to your table,

Mehreen Sheikh - Self made Chef