Choose delicious recipes according to your skill level

Delight yourself and impress your friends

Replicate authentic Pakistani flavor right in your own home!

Eliminate your fear of cooking and be adventuresome in your own kitchen

No cooking background required


I like and appreciate the icons, photos, and tips incorporated throughout this book; they completely eliminate guesswork and frustration!

This book is like having a helpful - and knowledgeable - friend in the kitchen with me!

Joni Lien - Mom, Foodie, Founder and CRT (Chief Recipe Tester), SupperWorks, Canada

The Pakistani Palate (Volume 2) is beautifully laid out. It has a bit of everything, basic for the starting chef and ethnic dishes for us to try. I like the photos and the way the book is divided up, and the wide range of recipes.  Looking forward to the 2nd volume on Main Courses.

Anne Day - Founder, Company of Women, Canada

The Pakistani Palate (Volume 1) has all my favorite Appetizers and Salads, which can be made easily. Mehreen has written detailed recipes which are precise and simple to follow. I rarely cook, and now I can cook like a pro!

Maggie Wu - Creative Director, Beauty Concept Salon, Ontario, Canada

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